About GD Air Testing

GD Air Testing, Inc. (GDAT) was established in 1998 under the direction of Dr. George Dai, owner and lab director. The company focuses solely on air sample analysis, mold, and other air related projects. The laboratory is well known for its capabilities in performing innovative techniques to meet some of our customer’s unique demands.

GDAT is an operation of handling a variety of air and gas samples using EPA, ASTM, NIOSH, and other methodologies. The full EPA compendium series such as TO-1, TO-2, TO-14, TO-14A, TO-15, and ASTM methodologies such as ASTM 1945, 1946, BTU calculation, etc., are mainstays of GDAT service offerings.

GD Air Testing, Inc. uses the latest and most sophisticated State-of-the -Art instrumentation in its facility. Two GC/MSD, HP 7890/5977 and HP 8890/5977B coupled with a Nutech 8910 Preconcentrator used for analysis of VOCs in air incorporating EPA methodologies such as  TO-14, TO-14A, TO-15, TO-15A, TO-1, TO-2, and etc. Varian and HP (Agilent) stand-alone GC’s with FID and dual FID/TCD detectors are set up for analysis of air samples using such methods as RSK-175, ASTM 1945/1946, and method 18. Two 8-position can clean systems Nutech 2104 are available for cleaning and certification of canisters.

GDAT is also state licensed for identification of mold spores. An Olympus CH30 microscope is dedicated for this purpose.

One of the goals of GDAT is to provide the highest possible quality data. In order to achieve this goal, one must have high quality personnel, high quality instrumentation, and high-quality procedures.  At GDAT, we are not interested in simply meeting the minimal requirements of the EPA methodologies. In most cases, we can far exceed these requirements.

In addition, all instrumentation and associated equipment is constantly maintained with a service contract from the manufacturer, upgraded, and replaced if necessary.

Laboratory Accreditation & Certification

HUB (Historically Underultilized Business) Certificate

Mold Analysis Certificate

Minority Business Certificate

TCEQ Certificate