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GD Air Testing, Inc (GDAT) specializes solely on air sample analysis, mold, and other air related projects, a variety of air and gas samples using EPA, ASTM, NIOSH, and other methodologies. The full EPA compendium series such as TO-1, TO-2, TO-14, TO-14A, TO-15, and ASTM methodologies such as ASTM 1945, 1946, BTU calculation, etc., are mainstays of GDAT service offerings. GDAT is also state licensed for identification of mold spores through the Texas Department of Health.

One of the goals of GDAT is to provide the highest possible quality data.  At GDAT, we are not interested in simply meeting the minimal requirements of the EPA methodologies. In most cases, we can far exceed these requirements.

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GDAT Lab at a Glance

Our Lab Services

Method Major Target Compounds Sampling Media Report Limit
EPA TO-14 ,TO-15 VOCs Tentative Identified Compounds Summa Canister, Tedlar Bags 0.5ppbv


Aromatic Hydrocarbons,
Chloro-compoundsVinyl Chloride, Highly Volatile non-polar organics
Tenax Tubes

Charcoal Tubes



TPH 8015 
Total Petroleum HC Summa Canisters or Tedlar Bags 1.0ppbv
BTEX Compound Summa Canister, Tedlar Bags 0.5ppbv
EPA 5040 VOST Individual VOCs by Client Specification VOST 0.2ppbv
EPA 5041 VOST Light hydrocarbons C1-C6 VOST Call for more information
ASTM1945 Light Hydrocarbons C1-C6 Summa Canister and Tedlar Bag 1.0ppmv
ASTM1946 Fixed gases atmosphere gases

N2, O2, CO2, CH4, CO

Summa Canister and Tedlar Bag % Levels
EPA 25 VOCs in Steam 40mL VOA vial with PEG 1.0 ppbv
EPA TO-12 NMOCs Summa Canister & Tedlar bag 1.0 ppbv
Aldehydes and Ketones DHP cartridge, sampling pump, flow meter, paint cans, activated charcoal Call for more information
RSK-175 Methane, Ethane, Ethylene and Carbon dioxide in Ground Water or Other Water 40ml Vial 0.5ppbw, 50ppbw CO2
EPA 3810 Methane & Light HC 40mL VOA vial 1.0 ppmv
EPA TO-13 PAHs & Semi VOC Compounds High or Low Volume PUF, XAD Call for more information
EPA TO-4 Organochlorine Pesticides and PCBs High Volume PUF, XAD Call for more information
EPA TO-10 Organochlorine Pesticides and PCBs Low Volume PUF, XAD Call for more information
EPA 18 Stack Samples Individual VOC Summa Canister, Tedlar Bag, or Tube Cartridges 0.2ppbv
Mold Analysis Mold Spores Bulk Samples
Tape Lift
Air Cassette
13 s/m3@ 75L
Equipment Rental & Bag purchase Canister
Tedlar Bag
3, 6 and 15 Liter
15 minute to 24 hrs
1, 3, 5 and 10 Liter
See appropriate method
Call for Pricing
GC/MSD SCAN Library searches including list of Mercaptans Summa
Tedlar Bag

Lab Accreditation & Certification

Mold Analysis Certificate

TCEQ Certificate

Application Notes