Brief Introduction of EPA Method TO-11  

Use for aldehydes and ketones such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acrolein and acetone.


Samples are collected by drawing a measured volume of air through a cartridge impregnated with Dinitrophenyhydrazine (DNPH) solution. Ambient samples should not be collected during periods of rain or snow. The DNPH cartridges can be shipped to the lab in sealed bottles placed within unused paint cans containing activated carbon.


Determined by solvent extraction followed by separation of the sample components by HPLC with identification and quantification by UV detector.


DHP cartridge, sampling pump, flow meter, paint cans, activated charcoal

Detection Limits

5-10 ppbv levels if maximum volume of 80L collected.


Lower detection limits can be achieved by this method. Precleaned DNPH cartridges can be purchased from most vendors.


Some cartridges have high background and are not easy to clean. Cartridges are easily contaminated.


TO-5, TO-14

Representatives Uses

Ambient air surveys, indoor air, fence line monitoring during remediation and evaluation of IC engine performance.

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