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Anita has been working in the environmental field since 1986. She has a BS degree in Chemistry and a MS degree in Microbiology. She had been working with Dr. Dai since 1996 and later joined his company as a contractor in 1999.
She is responsible for overseeing all the incoming projects, coordinating and supervising the technical activities of the department. She schedules work flow through the department
based on factors such as TAT requirements and difficulty of work. Anita is also in charge of client work quotations, account receivables, and customer service. In addition, she also received her mold identification certificate from the McCrone Institute in March of 2002. She oversees the mold projects in house whenever John is not available.

John started working at GD Air Testing in 2001. Since that time, he has mastered use of all air testing instrumentation. In addition, he helps to coordinate the day-to-day activities associated with running the laboratory. John is also the on-site QA/QC coordinator, making sure that all GDAT quality guidelines are being followed on a daily basis. John is certified by the State of Texas for mold identification. John

has analyzed over 1000 mold samples since 2001. He received his training from his B.A. Biology degree as well as intensive instruction from the prestigious McCrone Institute in Chicago, under the supervision of Dr. John Shane.

QA Consultant: GDAT has a contract with an outside source acting as the QA consultant on a needed basis. He/she is responsible for organizing and managing all of the lab's SOPs, QAPP, and other related QA/QC manuals to make sure they are up to date with correct revisions in circulation. He/she schedules routine audits of the laboratory which includes checking all logbooks in house for any discrepencies, standard expiration dates, backtracking data packages, and storage and safe keeping of all data in a secured locked area.
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