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CEO and Laboratory Director

Dr. Dai is the founder of GD Air Testing, Inc. As president and CEO, Dr. Dai is responsible for the company's overall daily operations, business development, customer service, QA/QC, and all air related research projects. Dr. Dai interacts with clients
to determine specific testing needs, equipment set up,reviewing the data and consulting with the clients, on an as needed basis, on the results. Dr. Dai has a Ph.D. in chemical

engineering and has successfully managed several air monitoring laboratories and countless air testing projects.

As an environmental specialist and scientist, Dr. Dai has over thirty years of experience in environmental monitoring station design, set up, operation, sampling and analysis and laboratory management. Dr. Dai specially is familiar with and has strong hands on experience in air sampling, bioremediation sampling and analysis of all fields of methodologies by US-EPA, US-NIOSH and US-OSHA including EPA Method 1 through 30. US EPA TO

-1,TO-2, TO-3, TO-4, TO-5; TO-8; TO-9; TO-10, TO-11; TO-12; TO-13; TO-14; TO15 and all other EPA, NIOSH, OSHA air methods. Dr. Dai also has more than 20 years of experience on bioremediation analysis especially in dissolved gases analysis. Dr. Dai also has hands-on experience on GC/MS, GC/FID/ECD/PID/ ELCD, HPLC setup, maintenance and trouble shooting. Dr. Dai has successfully designed, operated, managed the Environment Monitoring Station and Sampling Team and Analysis Group to achieve the success of some Multi-Million dollar Environmental Projects in the past thirty years.

Year 2004

Dr. Dai at 13th World Clean Air Conference, London, UK

As an environmental air testing specialist and a well known scientist, Dr. Dai has published and presented numerous papers worldwide in the fields of air testing analysis and attended

world leading conferences in the air testing fields. Dr. Dai and his staff at GD Air Testing are now working on several indoor air quality (IAQ) research projects to help improve the air quality worldwide.

Year 2002

Dr. Dai with Dallas Mayor Mr. Ron Kirk, Dallas, Texas

Dr. Dai was elected as chairman of the US-China Chamber of Commerce (USCCC) in 2002 and has been actively involved in this position for the past seven years. The USCCC has been successful in organizing and implementing new businesses between the US and China, hosting the Chinese delegates and officials, and opening the doorway for the younger generation in getting involved with the future business exchanges and opportunities. Dr. Dai is continuously supporting and contributing his time to this society.

Year 2001

Dr. Dai with Chinese Youth Basketball team, Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Dai hosted the Chinese Youth Basketball team that arrived from China. The team was very excited about coming to the USA and enjoyed

their tour around the Dallas area. GD Air Testing was one of the major sponsors for this event.
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